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Celebrating 100 Years of ACDelco


Over the last 100 years, ACDelco has taken you to the moon and across the Atlantic, from sea to shining sea and just around the corner.  As a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services, ACDelco's focus has always been on building a reputation as the number-one source for quality auto parts.  And it all began in 1916 with William Durant and his United Motors Service automotive parts company, known today as ACDelco.

Durant co-founded General Motors in 1908 and was a pioneer of the U.S. automobile industry.  His reputation brought an unparalleled level of trust to the automotive ownership experience, and customers responded with enthusiastic brand loyalty.  ACDelco has continued to earn that loyalty, year after year, through its dedication to industry updates and technological advances, its heritage as a true General Motors Original Equipment brand, and its tireless commitment to uphold Durant’s legacy of excellence.


Today, ACDelco’s 90,000+ auto parts and 37 products lines are available through its vast distribution network of over 24,500+ locations within the U.S., across the globe and online.  ACDelco delivers high-quality parts for all major automotive vehicle systems, off-road vehicles, and marine and industrial equipment.

Over the next 100 years and well beyond, you’ll find ACDelco continuing to set the bar, refining the quality of its parts and working side-by-side with GM engineers.  

  • As one of Ontario's largest authorized ACDelco all-makes, all-models distributors, Avenue Motor Works shares ACDelco's commitment to deliver high quality parts and tirelessly upholding its legacy of excellence.  Shop now to experience the quality for yourself.